Digital Technologies Applied to Music Research: Methodologies, Projects and Challenges

27-29 June 2024, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities – NOVA University Lisbon 

On campus, you can connect to the internet using Eduroam with your institutional credentials. Alternatively, you can use the following ones:

 Utilizador: (
 Palavra-passe*:  vp.2399                                           

 Utilizador: (
 Palavra-passe*:  qt.6928          

More information on Eduroam is available here (only in Portuguese, apologies).  

The conference will be streamed live on the YouTube page of the Centre for the Study of the Sociology and Aesthetics of Music (CESEM)

Program committee

Claire Arthur, Georgia Institute of Technology

Jorge Calvo-Zaragoza, Universidad de Alicante

João Pedro d’Alvarenga, CESEM-IN2PAST, NOVA University Lisbon

Elsa De Luca, CESEM-IN2PAST, NOVA University Lisbon (program committee chair)

Zuelma Paula Miranda Duarte Chaves, CESEM-IN2PAST, NOVA University Lisbon

Manuel Pedro Ferreira, CESEM-IN2PAST, NOVA University Lisbon

Jan Hajic, Charles University Prague

Debra Lacoste, Dalhousie University

David Lewis, University of Oxford eResearch Centre

Alberto Medina de Seiça, CESEM-IN2PAST, NOVA University Lisbon

Stefan Morent, Universität Tübingen

Fabian Moss, Institut für Musikforschung | Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

Kathleen Nelson, SCM, University of Sydney

David Rizo Valero, Universidad de Alicante

Santiago Ruiz Torres, Universidad de Salamanca

Mark Saccomano, Hochschule für Musik Detmold / Universität Paderborn

Craig Stuart Sapp, Stanford University, CCARH/PHI

Martha Thomae Elias, CESEM-IN2PAST, NOVA University Lisbon

Konstantinos Vasilakos, Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Hana Vlhová-Wörner, Czech Academy of Sciences – University Basel

Organizing committee

Adriana Filipa Cordeiro Simão

Beatriz da Silva Anjos 

Carla Crespo

CESEM Science Management Team

Elsa De Luca

Francesco Orio

Inês Nunes Trindade

João Pedro d’Alvarenga

Manuel Pedro Ferreira

Matilde Chumbo Ezequiel

Rui Araújo

Zuelma Chaves

IT assistants

Francesco Orio

Joana Freitas

José Grossinho

Rui Áraujo

Conference venue

Auditorium B2 (third floor), Torre B / Sala B413 (fourth floor), Torre B

Faculty of Social and Human Sciences (Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas)

NOVA University (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa)

Avenida Berna 26 C, 1069-061

Lisbon, Portugal

Travel – How to get to Lisbon

By plane
Humberto Delgado Airport, better known as Portela Airport or simply Lisbon Airport, is an international gateway with flights departing and arriving from almost anywhere in the world. It is only about 7 km away from the centre of Lisbon. From the Airport you can easily reach the conference venue by the underground (Metro). Take the red line to the final stop (São Sebastião). From here, the conference venue is at 750 meters (ten-minute walk).

By underground
The airport is connected to the centre of Lisbon by the underground (Metro). You can access all the underground maps here. It has stops near Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas: Campo Pequeno in the yellow line, São Sebastião in the Blue and Red Lines and Praça de Espanha in the Blue Line.

By train
Get off at the station Entrecampos, from where you can take the underground to Campo Pequeno, near the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas. You can access all the train network here.

By car
You can travel anywhere in Lisbon by taxi or, if you prefer, using a hired vehicle service accessed via mobile app such as Uber or Bolt.